1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the ‘Maps’ icon on the left bar.
  3. Select the dashcam you would like to view. To view the location history of the vehicle, the dashcam can be ‘offline’.
  4. To select the time frame you would like to view.  Click on the date at the top bar. A window with different time frames will open up. 
  5. Select the time frame you would like to view. 
  6. A list with all the trips during that time frame will be presented on the left, sorted by date and time. 
  7. Each trip includes a starting point and ending point, trip distance, overall time, and number of events. 
  8. Select the trip you would like to view.
  9. The trip will show on the map with point-by-point location information. Including speed, address, date and time. 
  10. You can stream recordings from each point of your trip. See Streaming Recordings
  11. In addition you can view the video events captured during that trip. The event will be indicated with an event icon. Click on the event icon to view the event information including live video from the event.