The address tool is designed to:

  • find a place (city, house, etc.) on map;
  • detect the address of a place.

Choose Tools ⇒ Address on the menu to make use of the tool.

The default provider for address information is Gurtam Maps. Though you can choose another source (depending on maps activated and their support): Google, Yandex, Visicom, Luxena, what3words, etc. (see Map Source).

In User Settings, you can indicate City. Then this city/town will be selected automatically when you open the Address tool.

Search by Address

Start entering address details into the Search address field and choose the appropriate matching from the appeared address list. If nothing is found try to rephrase your request. A found place is indicated on the map with the blue marker.

The window of the Address instrument displays such information as coordinates and address (if available). If the location gets into any geofences, their list is displayed in the Geofences field (the square with its color is displayed to the left of the geofence name), indicating the distance to them (if the Distance from unit to geofence option is activated).

If you have moved the map or scaled it, you can reset changes pushing the Show button.

Address Detection

To know address of a point on the map, just double-click on it. See the address and coordinates in the instrument's window. If it gets into any geofences, they will be listed below.

It is possible also to detect address by coordinates. Input latitude and longitude in grades and fractions (they should be separated by a dot) and push the Show button. The map will be centered at this point.

Save as Geofence

The found place can be saved as a circle-shaped geofence. To do so, there is the Save as geofence section at the bottom of the Address window. Unfold the section by clicking on it. Here the following parameters are indicated: resource (can be chosen from the dropdown list), geofence name, group (to include the geofence in an existing group) and radius.

To save the geofence, click the corresponding button. The saved geofence becomes available for viewing and editing on the Geofences tab.