1.1 Introduction

OnTrak Solution's dashboard camera system is an advanced vehicle camera for commercial fleets. It is 3G enabled, with built-in HD camera, built-in GPS, and G-shock sensor. The dash camera was developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during safety- critical events on the road, such as collisions. To facilitate the transaction between the driving data and the fleet manager, and to improve the speed of resolution on all road incidents, OnTrak Solutions network-enabled devices are able to be connected to CloudCam LITE, a powerful video management platform which allows managers to quickly and easily view and address all safety-critical road events. Safety-critical events will be emailed instantly to fleet managers and any other authorized recipients. Additionally, authorized Managers will be given access to a web application to view all events from their vehicle fleet and deal with them accordingly. The following guide will walk through the CloudCam LITE manager experience.

1.2 Login to SmartMail Portal

  • Go to the CloudCam LITE website
  •  Use the provided account credentials to login. You may need to contact OnTrak Solutions or your reseller for login details.