User can manage the fleet’s settings as follows.

4.1 Devices

  • Click on Settings tab.
  • Select Devices feature.
  • User can edit each device separately or multiple devices at once.
  • User can view charts per device, and adjust its maintenance.
  • The user can view view graphical charts as follows:
  • Click on Show Charts tab.

The following window will open up, the user has to specify the desired date to view vehicle’s telematics charts accordingly.

User can modify device information as follows:

  • Click on Edit Device tab.
  • The following window will open up, the user can add/modify the device information accordingly.

User can adjust PM maintenance settings as follows:

  • Click on Device PM tab.
  • The following window will pop out.

4.2 Fleets

  • Click on Settings tab.
  • Select Fleets feature.
  • A summary of all the created fleets will be listed.
  • User can add a new fleet by clicking on New Fleet tab, or edit an existed one.

4.3 Geofencing

  • Click on Settings tab.
  • Select Geofencing feature.
  • A list of all the created Geofences will be listed on the left side of the screen.
  • The manager can change the look of the map, as well as search for locations.

User can create a new geofencing, and receive alerts accordingly.

  • Click on New Fence tab.
  • An adjustable arrow icon can be used to specify the geofencing location.
  • Click on Save Fence tab.
  • Specify the fence name, select desired devices, adjust date & time stamp with required days.

4.4 Drivers

  • Click on Settings tab.
  • Select Drivers feature.
  • A summary of all the registered drivers and the corresponding vehicle/s will be listed.
  • User can edit an existed driver or add new one.

4.5 Alerts

  • Click on Settings tab.
  • Select Alerts feature.
  • User can edit an existed alert or add new one.
  • User will receive a notifications only for the selected alerts from the dropdown menu.